The ideal goggle for glasses wearers with small faces
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Photochromic lenses

  Instructions for use Visible light transmission rate
Protection index
Zebra Photochromic (SHR) + Anti-fog Coating + Oil-repellent coating (external side)  picto weather 7<>35% 2 to 4
Zebra Light Photochromic (NTS) + Anti-fog Coating + Oil-repellent coating (external side)  picto weather 17<>75%

1 to 3

Zebra Light Red Photochromic (NTS) + Anti-fog Coating + Oil-repellent coating (external side)  picto weather 13<>72% 1 to 3
Octopus Photochromic (NTS) + Polarizing + Water repellent / Oil-repellent Coating (external and internal side)  picto weather 6<>27% 2 to 4
Cameleon Photochromic (NTS) + Polarizing + Anti-fog Coating / Oil-repellent Coating (external side)  picto weather 5<>20% 2 to 4

Polycarbonate lenses

Spectron 0 Clear Sight picto cloudy weather 90% 0

Spectron 1

Hi Contrast picto cloud and sun 49% 1
Spectron 3 picto weather 13% 3
Spectron 3+ Flash finish picto weather 12% 3
Spectron 3CF Color Flash picto weather 12% 3
Spectron 4 Flash finish + anti-reflective coating picto weather and no driving 5% 4
Spectron 4 Baby Baby Flash finish picto weather and no driving 5% 4
Polarized 3 Polarizing picto weather 12% 3
Polarized 3+ Polarizing + Flaash finish picto weather 11% 3
Polarized 3CF Polarizing + Color Flash picto weather 11% 3
Polar Junior Polarizing picto weather 15 / 17% 3

Mineral lens

Alti arc 4 Anti-reflective coating picto weather and no driving 7% 4


Special coating

Anti-fog > prevents condensation and garantees maximum longevity.

Anti-reflective > reduces eyestrain and eliminates interference glare.

Brunishing > improuves filtration of visible light

Flash finish > improuves filtration of visible light by producing a mirror effect on the lens.

Water-repellent > makes water slide over the lens and prevents hydrogen bonds forming between water molecules. Visibility is impouved

Oil-repellent coating > prevents finger marks, makes water slide over the lens and cleaning easier.


All Julbo lenses belong to optical class 1 and guarantee protection from UV A, B ans C rays.

(1) SHR technology : Hight-Speed activation or desactivation.

(2) NTS technology : the lens gets darker or lighter regardless of the temperature.

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- Ski goggle lenses available in ELARA OTG -


High contrast – All day long

Photochromic lens (cat. 1 to 3 – VLT 75% to 17%) offering equally effective performance in both poor and clear conditions. Red tint to accentuate relief.

> Photochromique : le verre fonce et s'éclaircit en fonction de l'intensité lumineuse (cet. 2 à 4) quelle que soit la température -> Traitement antibuée exceptionnel : pas de condensation, longévité maximum -> Traitement oléophobe externe : évite les salissures et favorise le glissement de l'eau -> Couleur rouge : intensifie les contrastes pour une meilleure lecture du terrain -> Existe en RX Trem (programme de solaire à la vue)

Color : 267 / 286

Sun protection : Photochromic

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 17% <> 75%

Material : NXT


From one extreme to the ot her

Photochromic polarized lens (cat. 2 to 4 – VLT 20% to 5%): protection at high altitude, clear vision on north faces and eliminates glare.

Color : 257 / 285

Sun protection : Photochromic & polarizing

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 5% <> 20%

Material : NXT


Excellent visual com fort

Photochromic lens (cat. 2 to 3 – VLT 30% to 15%) with orange tint glare control filter: exceptional visual comfort even on whiteout days.

-> Photochromique categories (2 à 3) -> Filtre Glare control pour une meilleure lecture du terrain. -> Teinte orange pour augmenter le contraste.

Color : 267 / 286

Sun protection : Glare Control

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 15% <> 30%

Material : NXT

- Product description -

With plenty of volume and a ventilated spherical lens, Elara OTG is a perfect fit for spectacle wearers with small faces. This fine match is made even better with thermoformed face foam and a strap with an easy-clip buckle. In our quest for quality, Elara also comes with the best of Julbo photochromic technology and the most sophisticated of finishes.

Technical features

  • Air Flow : Venting incorporated into the frame for good air circulation to prevent formation of fogging.
  • Anatomic frame : Cuts on the frame for more flexibility.
  • Anti-fog coating : The inner surface of the lens has an additional anti-fog coating.
  • Cylindrical double lens : 11214
  • Dual Soft Foam : Two layers of foam for optimum comfort and shock absorption with a soft-touch layer for softer contact with skin.
  • Easy Clip : Additional buckle on the back of the strap for improved goggle placement.
  • Ecran REACTIV photochromique : 41613
  • Extended Outrigger : 15 mm extension on each side of the goggle for compatibility with all helmets and an even grip on the face.
  • Full silicone strap : Strap lined with a silicone strip for perfect grip.
  • OTG (over the glasses) foam : Thermoformed double density foam contour adapting perfectly to prescription glasses.
  • Symmetrical adjustment : Two loops either side of the strap for symmetrical adjustment in the blink of an eye.

Accessories included

Avec son grand volume et son écran sphérique ventilé, Elara OTG s'adapte parfaitement au port de lunettes par les visages fins. Cette belle compatibilité est encore renforcée avec la mousse appui-visage thermoformée et l'élastique équipé d'une boucle easy-cli. Pour ajouter à ses qualités, Elara est également équipé du meilleur de la technologie photochromique Julbo et des finitions les plus sophistiquées.

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