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- Ski goggle lenses available in TITAN OTG -


Photochromic lens (cat. 0 to 4 - visible light transmission rate: 7% - 80%). Julbo pushes the limits of Photochromic Technology with the largest photochromic range on the market. Perfect reading of relief with the High Contrast Technology. Translucent base for dark conditions. Tint that adapts to changing weather conditions. Outstanding Category 4 sun and glare protection. Attractive mirroring with no impact on light transmission. Suited to extreme conditions: from darkness or whiteout days to exposed peaks.

Color : LIGHT / Red Flash

Sun protection : Photochromic 0 <> 4

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 5% - 80%

Material : Trivex

- Product description -

Glasses wearers in search of extreme comfort will love the TITAN OTG! Its XXL frame, maximised field of vision and REACTIV photochromic technology make it the ideal companion for long days out on the slopes. With its fluid design suited both to wearing goggles and a helmet, the TITAN OTG will be the weapon of choice for the most demanding skiers.

  • Lens Height (mm) : 95
  • Lens Size (mm) : 165
  • Age : Adult
  • Weight : 140 g 140 g

Technical features

  • Air Flow : Venting incorporated into the frame for good air circulation to prevent formation of fogging.
  • Anti-fog Coating : The inner surface of the lens has an additional anti-fog coating.
  • Double Adjustment Strap : Two loops either side of the strap for symmetrical adjustment in the blink of an eye.
  • Dual Density Foam : Two layers of foam for optimum comfort and shock absorption with a soft-touch layer for softer contact with skin.
  • Easy Clip : Additional buckle on the back of the strap for improved goggle placement.
  • Extended Outrigger : 15 mm extension on each side of the goggle for compatibility with all helmets and an even grip on the face.
  • Full Silicone Strap : Strap lined with a silicone strip for perfect grip.
  • OTG Foam : Thermoformed double density foam contour adapting perfectly to prescription glasses.
  • Ventilated Lens : Additional ventilation via the lens to prevent any fogging.
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