Lifetime Warranty

Julbo has been manufacturing quality performance eyewear products for over 130 years and we stand behind our products. Julbo warranties all sunglasses and goggles for the original owner against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product. Julbo maintains the sole right to determine what a manufacturing defect or failure is.



If you have any questions please email us at or call Customer Service at 800-651-0833.

Scope of Warranty:

The warranty will be honored for the lifetime of the product for the original owner. The warranty applies to all types of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.




This warranty only extends to USA customers covering items purchased in the USA from certified Julbo dealers. It does not cover eyewear purchased through our RX Program. The details of our RX Warranty Program can be found HERE.



  • Temple arms failing at the hinge
  • Temple arms failing at the bend or rubber deterioration
  • Lens delamination or layer separation (not scratched)
  • Defective side shields
  • Goggle strap failure
  • Goggle foam deterioration


  • Normal wear & tear 
  • Sunglasses or goggles that are: 
    • Stolen 
    • Lost 
    • Dropped 
    • Crushed 
    • Scratched 
    • Run over 
    • Chewed by human, pet, or wild animal 
    • Any other damage that is caused by the consumer.  
  • Frames that have been intentionally changed, painted, heat-treated, or altered in any way. 
  • Julbo frames installed with non-Julbo custom or prescription lenses  

This warranty only extends to USA customers covering items purchased in the USA from certified Julbo dealers. 



  • Replacement parts for our current and most popular models are available for purchase here:
  • To initiate the repair process, please fill out the form below. 
  • Julbo will make every effort to repair eyewear per customers’ requests. Requested repairs that are not covered under the Julbo Lifetime Warranty Policy will be performed at the cost of the parts replaced. 
  • Repairs take anywhere between 2-6 weeks. For more information go to our FAQs page.

Scratched lenses:

Scratched lenses are not covered under warranty. We can replace non-prescription Julbo sunglass lenses for you as long as we still have them available. The cost per lens is set below. 

    • Spectron lenses: $50-$60

    • Spectron 3 Polarized lenses: $55

    • REACTIV Photochromic lenses: $130-$150



To initiate the warranty process please fill out the WARRANTY FORM.