Reactiv Photochromic Lens Technology
Unrivaled optical quality, no matter the light conditions

Julbo’s REACTIV lenses offer the widest photochromic range and the fastest reaction time on the market, and Julbo has been developing and experimenting in the most demanding sports for more than 130 years. 

Each lens takes nearly 20 hours to make and is casted from Trivex, a material used in helicopter windshields. That means the optical quality is nearly as good as glass and far superior to the polycarbonate lenses that most other brands use. It’s also why our REACTIV photochromic technology never wears off, meaning we can back our lenses with a lifetime warranty. 

Julbo has seven unique REACTIV lenses, all of which are also available as part of our RX program. 



Julbo REACTIV lenses are equipped with the most advanced photochromic technology, which makes them ideal for any activity.

Julbo makes a lens for every possible condition, with our REACTIV lenses offering the widest photochromic range on the market. Our clear to dark lenses range from 87-12% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) while our Performance lenses range from 35-7% VLT. 

It takes about 20 seconds for Julbo's REACTIV lenses to change from their lightest to darkest tints, making them the fastest to react on the market. 

The photochromic technology is built into Julbo's REACTIV lenses, ensuring they are unaffected by changes in temperature and will only adjust to available light.

Each REACTIV lens is treated with a long-lasting, scratch-resistant anti-fog coating. With proper care and washing, this coating will last for the lifetime of the lens.


Julbo REACTIV lenses come in a variety of colors, and each lens provides a different range of Visible Light Transmission. That means there is a perfect lens for any condition.


All Julbo lenses belong to optical class 1, guaranteeing protection from UV A, B and C rays, and are equipped with additional treatments and features to improve visual clarity and increase longevity.


Blocks glare from reflective surfaces, providing protection and visual clarity



Reduces eye strain and eliminates interference glare



Improves the filtration of visible light












Improves the filtration of visible light by producing a mirror effect on the lens



Makes water slide over the lens and prevents hydrogen bonds forming between water molecules



Prevents finger marks, allows for easier cleaning and makes water slide over the lens
















Many factors differentiate REACTIV lenses from traditional polycarbonate options. Either type offers unique benefits for different activities and budgets.

  • REACTIV lenses are photochromic and will change from light to dark based on ambient light 
  • Non-temperature sensitive technology will react no matter the ambient temperature
  • REACTIV technology is built into the lens so it won’t wear off or scratch off over time
  • Offers 100% protection against UV A, B and C rays
  • Made from Trivex, a material used in helicopter windshields for its extreme durability and superior optical quality

  • Traditional polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and offer 100% protection from UV A, B and C rays
  • These lenses offer excellent shock resistance
  • Visible Light Transmission will differ between lenses depending on the lens’s tint and coating
  • Julbo offers a wide choice of polycarbonate lens colors and many affordable options