Hannah Rae OTTO
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Hannah Rae OTTO
Gravel & Cross Country - 27 years

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"I love that the ability to improve is endless and every day is a chance to find new limits.
—Hannah Rae Otto

Professional Mountain Biker and Gravel Racer

Where are you from? Where do you live now and what do you like best about it?

I grew up in Southern California, went to college in Missouri and have settled in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love the proximity to the mountains and the endless miles to explore. I’m very grateful for the community surrounding us in Salt Lake. It’s a community that cares deeply and adventures fearlessly.

When did you start biking? What got you into it? 

I started endurance sport at the age of nine years old when I asked to show up to soccer practice early to run laps on the field. At my first running race I saw an advertisement for triathlon and was completely enamored by the idea of the sport. I raced triathlon for 11 years before turning my focus exclusively to the bike.

What's your favorite place to ride your bike? 

One of my favorite things about this sport is that it can take me all over the world and even amidst so many different cultures and customs, the bike seems to have found a place in people’s lives worldwide. I hope I never stop exploring new places on my bike.

What's one piece of advice you have for someone looking to get into cycling competitively, professionally, etc.?

Focus on your own improvement. Once you start comparing yourself to others you create limits for yourself that you might otherwise exceed.

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[Photo] CX Hairs


[Photo] CX Hairs

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