Mountain - 41 years

Brice Shirbach MTB

When did you start your sport? How did you get into it? 

BMX as a kid, MTB from teenage years and on. Started racing seriously out of college, and it grew from there.

The greatest challenge and gift your sport has provided.

The greatest gift is easily the global mtb community. The challenge would be getting the rest of the world to buy into what we're doing on bicycles in the woods.

Fun fact that most people would never know about you.

I was homecoming king in college. Super small college...very unimpressive.

Why Julbo? What is most appealing about Julbo as a brand? What excites you about the brand? What separates Julbo from other eyewear companies? 

It starts with the people behind the brand. Everyone I've met is so passionate, and is so willing to take input and turn it into progress. The products speak for themselves: the best performing optics with the least about of nonsensical marketing hype.

Sweet or salty?


One piece of advice for someone looking to get into the sport competitively, professionally, etc.

Never compare your own accomplishments or ambitions to others, especially when scrolling through Instagram.

When not training or traveling for your sport what do you like to do? 

I love hanging with my wife and two boys!

Anything else you’d like to include? Remember to love the planet. 

We have fun turning it into our playground, so never take this gift for granted.


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