Julbo RX/Prescription

  1. What is the Julbo RXLAB Prescription Warranty?
    Julbo RXLAB prescription eyewear has a limited two-year warranty from the date of purchase for any manufacturing defect regarding our special lens coatings, lens treatments or frame breakage due to material or defective workmanship.  All warranty claims must be handled directly through the original dealer. If you purchased them from Julbo USA, please reach out ... Read more
  2. Will Insurance cover my Julbo RXLAB purchase?
    Julbo is not a provider for any insurance plans at this time. We accept all major credit cards, but often times HSA cards will decline when we attempt to authorize the payment. However, sometimes customers can be re-imbursed for their RX order from their insurance provider afterword.  We suggest you discuss this with ... Read more
  3. How do I order prescription Julbo lenses?
    Click Here for Directions on how to order Julbo Rx eyewear.      A few important details to keep in mind: The Julbo RX lab is located in France so it usually takes 4-6 weeks from the time the order is submitted to when it arrives at your door. Julbo RX direct can only accommodate single ... Read more
  4. I own a pair of the Julbo sunglasses, can I purchase a set of Julbo RXLAB prescription lenses for them?
    Unfortunately, this is not something that we can do. Our Julbo RX LAB sunglasses are made in a specialized optical lab at Julbo France. The prescription lenses are custom made to fit each individual frame. A big part of the process is to properly fit the Rx lenses into the frame.  If you have ... Read more